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20 Februarie 2018
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Let's Rock


Locaţie : International
Stil : Gothic rock, Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Symphonic metal
Membrii trupei :
  • Elie J. Haddad : Chitara rece, Chitara ritmica, Chitara solo, Clape, Instrumente software, Muzicuta, Pian, Voce, Voce 1, Voce 2
  • Michael Karius : Chitara 7 corzi, Chitara bass, Chitara rece, Chitara ritmica, Chitara solo, Programare MIDI, Programare MIDI baterie
  • Andreas Delvos : Instrumente software, Pian
Links :
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Trupe prietene :

Anannuki - Foto

Anannuki is Elie J. Haddad (Vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, software instruments), Michael Karius (7 strings guitars, guitars, bass guitar, MIDI and drum programming) and Andreas Delvos (piano, software instruments).

The band is (up till now) an online band, all members being in 2 different countries, and has formed in September 2008.

Origins of the name According to Zecharia Sitchina's interpretation of Sumerian tablets and images, the Anunnaki, "Those who from Heaven to Earth came" , are the inhabitants of the twelfth planet in our solar system (given the name Nibiru in the Sumerian texts) and the creators of human civilisation.

According to these theories the human race is a hybrid of human and alien species, so I guess they changed their names to pass incognito to Anannuki, and joined a rock band, using guitars and symphonies to claim back their forefathers' right to rule the world...


Stiluri de rock
Acid punk Acid rock Action rock Afro - punk Alternative metal Alternative rock Anatolian rock Arena rock Art rock Artcore Avant - garde metal Avant - progressive rock Avant-rock Black metal Blackened death metal Blues - rock Brazilian rock British Invasion Cello rock Celtic metal Celtic punk Celtic rock Christian metal Christian rock Classic metal Classic rock Cock rock Comedy rock Compressive Rock Country rock Cowpunk Dance - rock Dark metal Darkwave Death metal Death rock Deathcore Deathgrind Doom metal Electronic rock Experimental rock Fastcore Folk - rock Folk metal Funk metal Funk rock Gamecore Garage rock German rock Ghetto Rock Glam metal Glam rock Goregrind Gothabilly Gothic metal Gothic rock Grindcore Groove metal Grunge Grunge metal Hard rock Hardcore metal Hardcore punk Hatecore Heartland rock Heavy metal Horror punk Indie rock Industrial metal Industrial rock Instrumental rock Jam rock Latin rock Math rock Melodic black metal Melodic death metal Metalcore Modern Metal Neo - classical metal New wave Noise rock Nu metal Pagan rock Piano rock Post - metal Post - rock Power metal Progressive metal Progressive rock Psych - Folk Psychedelic rock Punk rock Raga rock Rapcore Reggae rock Rock Opera Sadcore Shock rock Shred metal Ska punk Skate punk Skate rock Sleaze rock Sludge metal Soft rock Soul rock Space rock Speed metal Speedrock Stoner metal Stoner rock Surf rock Swamp rock Symphonic metal Symphonic rock Synth rock Thrash metal Thrashcore Trash rock Trip rock Viking metal Wizard rock

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